Is the El Paso Independent School District going to consolidate two of the oldest high schools in the city? Officials with EPISD say no, but at a meeting last night, they had a hard time convincing Bowie and Jefferson high school parents of that.

EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera and other top district officials were at Jefferson last night to calm fears that the schools would be merged together. The district says the population at both schools has been falling, and they were brainstorming as to how to deal with that problem. One of the ideas was to consolidate Jeff and Bowie into one large high school. The district says it is only a suggestion, but they put it, and other ideas, into an email, and then accidentally released that email to KFOX14.

Parents have been in an uproar ever since, and last night was no different. One parent told KFOX that she has asked many questions about the consolidation, but none have been answered to her satisfaction. Other parents were angry that they had to submit their questions at the meeting via iPad. Some said district officials were 'screening' the emails. Cabrera said nothing was being screened and the only reason they used the iPad was to keep a log of all questions asked at the meeting, and maintain an open record of the questions.

EPISD isn't through answering questions about the Bowie/Jefferson consolidation. They will be holding another meeting Friday night at Bowie High School at 6 p.m., in the Fine Arts Building. The public is invited to attend.