Being from Las Cruces and living there my whole life, I can never be satisfied with our restaurant selection...Come check out Taste of El Paso!


Don't get me wrong there are a few prized gems in the city of the crosses, but none that really are outside of the traditional enchiladas and tacos realm. And again, don't get me wrong, I love those foods! But get out and try some amazing new tastes! Some you will recognize and some you wont, you're guaranteed to love every second! Taste of El Paso will house 15....count em 15, premier El Paso restaurants! A sample, very generous sample from each along with either a craft beer or wine tasting, 2 sample desserts and a guaranteed seat! Make it a night out with friends! Try something different and get dinner at the same time! November 14th and 15th at the El Paso Convention center. Get your tickets now!

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Click on the link to the event page here KISS-FM for more details and get your tickets now! Also, visit KISS-FM for restaurant previews! See you there!