FACEBOOK MAKES WOMEN HATE EACH OTHER: According to a new survey, Facebooking can lead to woman hating each other - or at the very least, getting annoyed with each other. And these are the top reasons why: 

--65% say their friends share too many boring or pointless updates too often. (The Documentarion)

--63% say their friends complain all the time. (The Drama Queen)
--46% say their friends "like" too many posts. (The Incessant Liker)

--41% say their friends use Facebook inappropriately, or too frequently, to promote political or social causes. (The Activist)

--40% say their friends use Facebook to clearly provide false info or images that show off a perfect life. (The Poser)

--And 16% say their friends post too many photos of their darn kids. (The Too Proud Mama)

Do you see yourself in any of the above? How about one of your Facebook Friends? Have you ever blocked a follower or quit following someone because of their posts? Do tell!