So, I am a lil New Mexico girl but I love me some Texas! I decided to compile a list of MY top ten reasons I love Texas and why I can't wait to someday become a full time resident and not just a poser. 10.) The People- As far as I've experienced, the people in Texas have some great southern manners!

9.) The Accents-Love me a cowboy/cowgirl accent

8.) Chico's Tacos- Yes I said it....Chico's Tacos!

7.) George Strait-He is my favorite country man and my favorite production out of Texas. PLus he did populate the state with his exes.

6.) "Everything Is Bigger in Texas"...the saying says it all lol

5.) Schlitterban-I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the greatest waterpark in the world but I can't wait to visit! On my bucket list!

4.) Chuck Norris- He doesn't sleep, he only waits. And he is THEE Texas Ranger.

3.) No state taxes foo!

2.) My job in Texas- I absolutely LOVE my Kiss fm and KLAQ job! Along with the awesome priveledge of working here, not to mention the amazing friends I've made!

1.) And Finally My top reason I Love Love Love Texas. Friday Night Lights! Literally, football! And....three words...The Dallas Cowboys! I am one of the biggest Cowboy fans you will meet. Love me or hate me lol Plus I would love to live in Arlinton to be closer to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium!

So now you know my reasons, what are yours?

God Bless Texas!