Ever since the match up for the Sun Bowl was announced, there has been a lot of negative press about our city and our bowl game.  We here at KISS FM have decided, enough is enough!  We want to hear why you love our fabulous city, and here's why I love El Paso.....

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I love El Paso because of our troops at Fort Bliss.  They come from all over the country, bring their families, and add so much to our city!  Marines stationed in El Paso help get toys for kids who otherwise wouldn't get presents for Christmas with Toys for Tots.  Soldiers from Fort Bliss helped an 85 year old woman clear her yard that was so overgrown that her daughter called it the Amazon.

A couple of years ago, Mike and I were lucky enough to meet a group of soldiers when we asked Fort Bliss to if we could take a picture with them for our annual Christmas card.  The soldiers who were there were all from out of town, and we had so much fun talking with them and posing for the Christmas card.

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Fort Bliss soldiers - their service and sacrifice, and all the wonderful things they bring to our city.  That's why I Love El Paso!