I gotta be honest - I already know the answer to that question...  I just wanted to talk about the bestest tamales in El Paso, like, EVER!



Tamales are something I usually only eat around Christmas and New Years.  My mom makes killer chile con queso, and possiby the best pot of beans known to man.  Add some Gussie's Tamales to that mix, and you have a delicious holiday meal!

But on the way home today, with the temperature hovering around 80 very un-Christmas-like degrees, I got a hankerin' for some mouthwatering Gussie's goodness.  I took Piedras exit, and headed for tamale nirvana.

Ten minutes after I walked through the front door, I had a bag of fresh, hot, Gussie's tamales - the red kind, not the chicken (although they are wonderful as well.  I just felt old school today).

Darren and I sat down to a fresh pot of beans (I made them), and some chile con queso (taken from my mom's freezer!), and piping hot Gussie's!

I can't wait for Christmas!