Who has the best nachos in the country? Both El Paso and Las Cruces make the list for the Best Nachos in the US, according to a food and drink site, Thrillist.

With results ranging from Chicago to LA, El Paso nabbed a spot on the list with The Tap.

The TAP in El Paso: The downtown hole-in-the-wall serves cheap beer, but who knew their nachos were so good? I didn't even know they served food. According to Thrillist, the white cheese, homemade tortillas, and $2 beer put this nachos over the top!

Thrillist.com also chose El Patron in Las Cruces as some of the best nachos in America. El Patron is famous for their slow cooked brisket and these nachos have plenty. Slow cooked brisket with beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and home made salsa make for a out of this world experience. It's not often you can get slow-cooked brisket nachos.

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