A week of tv specials, flags at being flown at half staff, and memorials have passed, and Whitney Houston has finally been laid to rest.  I hope she is at rest - everyone deserves that when they die.  But I've been getting this picture in my email ever since she died, and wanted to share it with you.

I think the word hero is misused 90% of the time.  I know Whitney had an angelic voice and it turned out she was even a really good actress, but just like the whole "Is Rhianna getting back with Chris Brown" thing, she was a role model who didn't take that title seriously.  She didn't think about the effect that her drug abuse would have on not only the fans who bought her records and tickets to her movies, but on her own daughter as well.  Her last years were a stunning act of selfishness that ended in a bathtub.  Now her daughter is left behind to mourn, and hopefully, not follow in her footsteps.

Now, do I think all soldiers are spotless heroes with no faults?  Of course not.  We are all human, we all have faults and skeletons in our closets.  God knows my life wouldn't stand up to the scrutiny that Whitney's has had to.  But we need to look at people with a clear eye and call things the way they are.  Whitney was a powerhouse performer for about 10 years, then she fell into drugs and couldn't get up.  Her death is a tragedy for her loved ones, but she squandered her fame, her voice, and her life.  She is not a hero - she is a cautionary tale.