Recent data provided by the Girl Scout organization determined that each Girl Scout in El Paso sells an average of 260 boxes of cookies making El Paso #7 on the list of  Top Girl Scout cookie capitals nationwide. Now that Girl Scout Cookies are back and your favorite is threatening to occupy your waistline, I thought this list of the healthiest and least healthy Girl Scout cookies might be something you’d want to look over:

#1.) The Healthiest Are the Trefoils -- also called "Shortbread Cookies". One cookie only has 30 calories, and less fat and sugar than any of the others.

#2.) Savannah Smiles. It actually has fewer calories than Trefoils do: 28 per cookie. But it has more fat, and A LOT more sugar.

#3.) Thin Mints. Each one only has 40 calories, and less than a half-gram of trans fat per serving. The box says zero trans fat, but that’s not really true. The government lets food companies round down to zero if there's less than a half-gram of trans fat per serving.

#4.) Dulce de Leche. They're caramel cookies with caramel chips in them, so obviously they're not GOOD for you, per se, but calorie wise they only have about 40 each.

#5.) Do-si-dos. 55 calories per cookie.

#6.) Thank U Berry Munches. They have real cranberries in them, which SOUNDS healthy, but one cookie has 60 calories and 3.5 grams of sugar.

#7.) Tagalongs. Each one has around 70 calories and contains partially hydrogenated oil, which means there's SOME trans fat.

#8.) Samoas or "Caramel deLites". Like Tagalongs, each one is 70 calories per cookie, but Samoas have more saturated fat than any other Girl Scout cookie earning them the least healthy label.