Your favorite time of year is drawing steadily closer.

Don't look at the calendar! It'll sense your desperation. Maybe glance at it from the corner of your eye. That's right, back to school time is almost here! You'll get to send the kids off to school all day and relax at work, not having to worry about what kind of mischief they're off getting in to!

But this is also your least favorite spending time, since you have to get all the stuff they'll need to keep them out of your hair for the next 9 months.

Don't worry, we want to help you get your back to school shopping done, and done for a good price. First of all, remember that Tax-Free Weekend is coming up August 19-21st, so you'll be able to save lots of money that weekend, right before school starts back up!

You can also join us at the Back 2 School Expo at Cielo Vista Mall, save tons of money during Tax-Free Weekend, and win cool prizes for you! How cool is that!

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    1241 N. Lee Trevino Dr. - 5929 N. Mesa Street - 1114 E. Lohman Avenue

    Educational Supply stores have tons of different, more specialized items for college or high school students who might need some extra stuff. You can get paper anywhere, but a lot of the bigger chain stores won't carry all of the specialty supplies for school. If you need certain kinds of labels, or specialty binders, pens, drafting supplies and such, you might have an easier time at one of El Paso's specialty stores.

    EraserDust carries all the specialty products for teachers as well as everything your kids will need for their time back in class.

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    Find your nearest store

    Target is a great place to stock up on all the essentials for school. You can get backpacks, paper, pens, pencils...everything the kids need, all at great prices. You can even do some clothes shopping for new outfits the little ones, new shoes, food. Maybe you can even sneak a little shopping for you in there as well!

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    Find your nearest WalMart

    WalMart is another fantastic place to stock up on all the needed items for your kids' back to school! They have a huge stock of the paper, binders, pens, pencils, backpacks and all the essentials. They even have and Ad Match Guarantee to match advertised prices of other stores! You can get clothes, shoes, and even food!

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    Office Depot

    Find and Office Depot near you

    For more specialized supply shopping, Office Depot carries a huge selection of everything you need for an office or school! Since they focus on stuff for this situation, you can find a little more variety of each product, some special stuff that the department stores don't usually carry, and some crazy fun office stuff, too!
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    The Malls

    Cielo Vista Mall

    Sunland Park Mall

    For more exercise while also getting shopping done, you can hit the malls! Cielo Vista and Sunland Park Malls, and the Outlet Shoppes at El Paso have a huge variety of shopping to be able to cover most of what you'll need for the coming school year. And if you hit up Cielo Vista Mall on Tax-Free Weekend, you can save big money and win cool prizes during our Back 2 School Expo!

    Cielo Vista Mall