It's almost that time again! For a lot of us it's our favorite time of year, for some, it's right behind Christmas. Halloween!

Either way, it's fun and we get to dress up and be someone (or something) else for a day. Even a work! And the parties are cool, too!

So we thought it would be great to give you some ideas on where you can get a great costume for this year's fright night festivities, and have compiled our top five.

  • 1

    ABC Party World

    and ABC Party World's Halloween Haven

    ABC Party World is a locally-owned El Paso staple for party supplies and costumes. With locations in El Paso and Las Cruces, you can get great costumes, masks, makeup and everything you need to create the coolest costume you can imagine. All this with great low prices!

    If you want to grab something pre-fab, they have complete costumes, and if you want to build your own, check out the cool kits to help add more scariness to your costume, special makeup effects and more! They even have cool decorations and kid stuff!

    Johnnie Walker
  • 2

    Party City

    Party City is a chain store for party supplies of every kind, including decorations and costumes. Since it's a specialty store for parties, you can find a huge selection of cool costumes at great low prices. Plan your costume online or in the store.

    They have a lot of masks and complete costumes, and you can also build your look to match what you envision! Makeup kits, pieces and parts you can put together to make your own special costume to scace the bejeezus out of anyone you happen to meet on the street, or at the office!

    Johnnie Walker
  • 3

    Spirit Halloween Stores

    Spirit Halloween stores pop up all over town just prior to the official Halloween spooking season, and you can troll through their huge selection of cool scary and not-so scary costumes. You can get some ideas for what you want to build online as well before they even open up their shops.

    There's sure to be one opening near you, so you can take the kids, the friends, whoever wants to look for a great Halloween costume this year.

    Johnnie Walker
  • 4

    Chain Department Stores


    The big chain department stores will have costumes you can get at good prices in case you get busy and don't have time to really get out and plan your costume. You can even satisfy most of the kids' desires for costumes pretty cheaply as well.

    The downside to these kinds of stores is that this isn't their only focus, so while they will have some stuff, you might not find the variety that you can get at a specialty store, but you can find pieces to add to what you're building if you need to.

    Johnnie Walker
  • 5

    Make It At Home

    Save some cash

    Sometimes, pre-fab costumes just don't fit what you have in mind. That's okay, too.

    Spending time at home with the family, making costumes can be a fun project! You can hit fabric stores to get the colors and types you want, cut them and design them how you see fit, and make sure that they actually are made to fit YOU, and not just people your size.

    You can hit the party stores above and get pieces to fill in what you are looking for, grab some cool makeup effects and maybe some fake bloody wounds or cool wigs.

    Johnnie Walker