This picture of the President and his advisors was taken last Sunday when Navy SEAL Team Six was taking out bin Laden.  It has become an iconic moment in history.  But not to some people, people who feel that the women in the photograph don't belong there.  So they got rid of them.

The editors of an Ultra Orthodox Hasidic newspaper, decided that the photograph with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the other woman in the frame, the National Director of Counter Terrorism, Audrey Tomason, was sexually suggestive.  Not because they were doing anything particularly suggestive, mind you, but just by the sheer fact that they are female, the editors erased the women from the photograph.  The newspaper is published in Brooklyn.  Yes, THAT Brooklyn, in New York City.  Here is the link to the complete story.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again - thank God we live in America where you can erase someone out of a photo and not have to ask anyone in the government permission to do so, although, according to the White House, the photograph is not supposed to be altered in any way when re-published.  But I'm pretty certain the Obama administration won't do anything other than tell the editors of the newspaper to not mess with their photos in the future. 

What do you think of a newspaper printed in America erasing the image of a woman who is an equal in the Obama administration?

This is how I feel.