Where in the world is News Channel 9's Oralia Ortega? I last saw her on t.v. a few weeks ago when the new guy got there. (Grandpa is going to take some getting used to.) Then new guy was going at it alone. Now it's him and the Stephania chick. (And I thought you couldn't get a more Hispanic sounding name than Oralia. Was I ever wrong!)

Since I hadn't heard anything about her on the station -- or maybe I missed it -- I did what any good stalker would do: I Googled her. Her Face book page was the first thing that came up, but since she's never "friended" me, I couldn't see her wall. That was a dead end. Although I did learn she has very hip taste in music.  The Liars???

Her News Channel 9 user page was just as useless. No info, no picture. Unless this is what she looks like these days ...

I tried her Twitter page next, but apparantly she only tweeted once in February then seemingly abanded the account.

Finally, paydirt!  A rumor on the El Paso Times Media Buzz blog dated April 18 that she was going to host an entertainment-type show on News Channel 9. A-ha! A new lead. I hit up Google again and found this image ...

And this pretty entertaining blog post about the show by "The Kid with A lot to Say"  He's pretty funny. (Read his post titled " Gas Prices are Going Up Again! Should you ditch your car and use Public Transportation".  Loves it!)

Well it's almost time for the show. I'll give it a shot. It can't be any worse than "The George Lopez Show" re-runs it's replaced.

OK, WE'RE AXING: What do you think of Channel 9's new show, "News Channel 9 Tonight"? Hit or Miss? What about their new team of Stephania and Grandpa, er, I mean Dan?

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