Nothing says "Happy Fourth of July" like shooting off enough explosives to annoy your neighbors and scare all the dogs in the neighborhood. As traditional and American as fireworks on the 4th may be, it's illegal to set them off in El Paso -- but such is not the case outside city limits.

Because the drought index was not high enough, County Judge Veronica Escobar was unable to ban the use of fireworks.

That means El Pasoans will be able to pop fireworks in the unincorporated areas of the county.

Where Fireworks Are NOT Allowed

You cannot buy, possess, or shoot fireworks inside El Paso city limits or within the city limits of the Town of Horizon City, City of San Elizario, Clint, City of Socorro, Village of Vinton, or the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.

Where You CAN Pop Fireworks

You can buy and possess fireworks in the unincorporated areas of El Paso County, such as the six mile stretch of Montana Avenue in Montana Vista where thousands of people traditionally gather to pop fireworks and party.

You can also buy and possess fireworks in the Town of Anthony, Texas, but you can only shoot them off and pop them on the Fourth of July.

Las Cruces

Fireworks are not banned in Las Cruces and can be popped inside city limits. However, "place-of-use restrictions" are in effect, meaning you can only discharge fireworks on barren or paved surfaces where water is readily available, and they can only be the type approved by ordinance. Aerial fireworks and firecrackers, for example, are banned and illegal to possess.

'Safe and Sane' Ordinance Approved Fireworks:

Cone Fountains
Crackling Devices
Cylindrical Fountains
Flitter Sparklers
Illuminating Torches
Toy Smoke Devices

Fireworks NOT approved & illegal to posses:

Aerial Spinners
Missile-Type Rockets
Roman Candles Shells
Stick-Type Rockets

Dona Ana County

Doña Ana County has not imposed place-of-use restrictions, but there are "permissible" and "non-permissible" types of fireworks one can possess. You'll find that list HERE.