Here's where we will be, signing you up for the Super Trip to the Super Game!

January 8th be at Viva Dodge from Noon-2pm
January 14th be at Western Beverages from 4-6pm
January 15th be at Aamco Transmission from 11a-1pm
January 19th be at the Three Legged Monkey from 4-6pm
January 22nd be at the El Paso Spring Home Show from 1-3pm
January 22nd be at Brew from 7-9pm
January 29th be at Cal TV
January 30th be at J.R. Produce from Noon-2pm

Once we leave these locations, that's'll have to wait for the next sign up time!  We're only there for 2 hours, so you have to show up and get registered!

Good Luck!