It's almost time to pull our complaints about winter out of storage. Just-released data shows El Paso will get its first glimpse of snow sooner rather than later. has published the approximate snowfall’s first date for the entire U.S. of A, and according to its data, you won't be having to shave your legs much longer, ladies.

Based on the pretty colors on the above map and the numbers constructed by the National Centers for Environmental Information, we’ll see our first snowfall of the season in early November -- historically, on or about November 7.

To clarify, this map isn’t the average date of the first observed snowfall. It’s the date by which there’s a 50% chance at least 0.1” of snow will have accumulated based on historical patterns from 1981-2010.

National Weather Service via, which researched National Weather Service 30-year average data to find the date by which the season's first measurable snow (0.1” or more) occurs, found we typically get our first snow of the season by December 10.

Last year (2015), we didn't get our first snowfall until December 26. Heavy snow started falling during the Sun Bowl game and continued through most of the evening. The National Weather Service reported more than 10 inches of snow had fallen by the following morning.

Duke Keith.