"All men want to be treated like kings in a relationship, and I think if women don't indulge that sometimes, their men are likely to stray and look for someone who can give that to them. So when I'm home, I work very hard to be Todd's wife and Jade's mother. I have no problem going back to those traditional roles. I try to be Giada, the young girl that he met 20 years ago and fell in love with."

Preach it girl!

Giada de Laurentiis is on the chopping block and it's not because of the incredibly ridiculous way she says 'pahstah' or 'crrrrunchy'. No, it's because she dared to say in a Redbook interview coming out this month that she treats her husband like a king because sometimes men who aren't treated that way can suddenly become afflicted with what doctors call 'wandering pantsitis'. Now Giada, who has a super successful career as a Food Network Chef, is being called a phoney and at least one blogger said her comments remind her of a time when women were 'expected to serve their men'.

Really? Ya got all that from one woman saying she enjoys keeping her husband and family happy?

So What's Love Got To Do With Your Man Being King?

I'm not saying there aren't men out there who are drowning in machismo and who think the only reason women exist is to serve them in every way, shape, and form. Of course there are, but those are not the men Giada was speaking of. Those guys are thoughtless dolts who drive jacked up trucks in an effort to hide their shortcomings. Those guys should be pointed and laughed at. No, no, Giada was speaking of the man to whom she has been married for 20 years and shares a child. The man she treats like a king, the man whom she works to be the girl he fell in love with. Yeah, let's trash that sentiment.

But Tricia, you say, didn't the KISS Morning Show recently report that Giada de Laurentiis has been connected with John Mayer? Yes, we did report that. Funny thing is, after that one initial report, there has been no other credible report of a relationship between John and Giada. As a matter of fact, she spoke about that rumored JM connection in the Redbook article before she went on to completely destroy women's rights as we know them.

Look, no one's saying that making the perfect meal and being the girl your husband fell in love with is going to affair-proof your marriage, but should we really be pooping on a woman who says that's how she keeps her man happy? Wouldn't it be better to give it a try and hope it works out rather than do nothing and wonder why another relationship failed?