Oh my God.  I'm watching the ABC story about Congressman Weiner, the guy who said last week that his Twitter account had been hacked and that's why a picture of a man's crotch was twitpic'd to a 21 year old student.  Surprise, surprise, surprise - turns out, HE sent them!

I'm not going to post a link to the pictures because I don't want any kids who come onto our website to have access to them, but all you have to do is google the guys name, and you'll get full color shots.  Are they really that bad, you ask?  Yes, they are.  Not because of what they depict, but because of what they represent.  Congressman Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and all the other high profile men who've been caught with their pants down, literally, are the most selfish men in the world.  It's not enough that they have power, prestige, money, and families who love them.  Nope, they gotta get all wild and whatnot with complete strangers online, or with the help in the homes where their children and their wives should feel safest.

So What's Love Got To Do With Weinergate?

Nothing.  There is nothing about Weinergate, nor Arnoldgate, nor Tigergate, that has anything to do with love, except the love of self that these men exhibited.  Did they wonder what the nuclear blast of noteriety would do to their careers?  How about their wives?  Or their kids?  Arnold's love child couldn't even attend school or his own middle school graduation because of the media scrutiny.  As part of the media, I know I have a hand in that.  We do the Hollywood Dirt, we blog about these scandals, we make fun of the men involved.  So we must be to blame for all the problems that their families go through because we are the ones who are reporting on it, right?


We didn't cheat, lie, or hide love children.  And we didn't ask these men to aspire to political office, sports superstardom, or movie hero-dom.  They chose that life.  They worked hard to get to where they are.  They chose to marry women and have children with them.  They chose to live extremely public lives.  They built a cage of influence and put their wives and children into that cage, and then made a mess that they will have to deal with the rest of their lives. 

If you want to get all freaky with a hot 21 year old chica and you're a married politician, do it.  But get out of your marriage first.  Let your wife and your kids keep their dignity and not have to deal with the itch that you just can't resist scratching.  But no.  These guys need the socially acceptable wife and kids to maintain their mask of respectability.  But by doing the things that they have been caught doing, they trumpet to the world just how little they care about the people who are closest to them.  If there had been an ounce of love for their families, these men never would have put themselves in the positions they are now in, nor would they have risked the emotional lives of their wives and kids.  The Congressman says he twitpic'd the picture of himself as part of a joke. 

Hilarious, Congressman.  Real funny.

So today you stood up and cried a little for the cameras.  You apologized for hurting your wife and everyone else you could think of.  You're not sorry about what you did.  You're sorry that you got caught.  Unfortunately, your wife and kids are the ones who will bear the brunt of your selfish behavior.  Google is a double edged sword, and one day, your kids will get cut with that sword when their friends, or they themselves, google you.  What a pleasant day that will be for them.   Maybe next time you feel like sending a nasty picture of yourself to someone who isn't your wife, you'll give enough of a damn about her to not do it.

That's it.  That's my rant.  And no, I'm no saint.  I'm not casting stones, I'm just shocked at how shockingly people act when everyone is looking.  Makes you wonder what they are capable of when no one is.