Monika posted a list of her best and worst moms on tv and in the movies, so I had to jump in with my favorite 'mom moment' in the movies.

The movie is 'Terms of Endearment', one of the ultimate mother-daughter tear jerker movies.  Shirley MacLaine played Aurora, the mom to Debra Winger's Emma.  They have a love/hate, but completely connected relationship all throughout Emma's life.

Then Emma gets sick and is going to die.  This scene of Aurora in the hospital kills me because my own mom, who is the soul of discretion and calm, would lose it just like Aurora does in this scene if one of her kids was sick.

So What's Love Got To Do With A Dying Child?

Well, this scene is the ultimate expression of love, imminent loss, and utter devastation.  And it makes me sob every time.  But it also shows the devotion of a mom.  Sorry to be so maudlin, but this really is a love letter to all moms, because we are all Mama Bears who will take people's heads off if they don't treat our kids right....