Make-up reflects many things about you, ladies, including your personality. So say "make-up experts" who examined different styles, colors and applications in relation to personality. Here's what they found ... If you like Cat Eyes (below): You are a good friend/girlfriend who pays close attention to details and you are confident in your inner beauty.

--If you like a Smoky Eye: You’re a sexually confident, slightly mysterious person.

--If you like to wear Soft Pastel Eye Shadow: You have a carefree, feminine, and somewhat innocent personality. You are a romantic at heart.

--If you like to wear False Eyelashes (above): If you always wear falsies -- even during the day -- you might be a little high maintenance. But if it's a special evening out, false eyelashes reflect a fun and flirty personality.

--If you like Bold Red Lipstick(above): You have an upbeat, confident personality. You are a person who knows what she wants.

--If you prefer Nude Lips: You are a woman with a great sense of humor who appreciates balance in her life. You can easily let go of the little things and always look at the bigger picture.