If you missed Mike and Tricia Mornings today, you missed us talking about this ridiculous new study out that says teachers shouldn't be allowed to use red pens because they make kids 'anxious'.  What did we have to say about that?


Apparently, someone asked kids what adults who are there to teach them and guide them should be doing, instead of letting adults teach them and guide them without the input of waaaaaambulance drivers. 

Red ink isn't used to be aggressive - it's used because kids use black and blue ink, and red stands out better.  I know, I know, "Everyone should play at least 15 minutes every game and get a trophy at the end of the season so their little self-esteem's don't get crushed under the weight of not being good enough to warrant 15 minutes of playing time, or a trophy at the end of the season".

Cry me a river.

I say, teacher's use red and mark up those papers!  School is about learning - learning to work and play well with others, learning to listen to directions, learning to get along in the real world! 

Well, here, listen for yourself: