So you're dating someone new and the holidays are here. You do the norm and take them to meet the family and BOOM, Christmas is a couple weeks away and you don't know what on earth to buy them! Something thoughtful and sweet but not something to deep and out of this world expensive. What do you get them?

I think the gift suggestions are good for when you have been dating for under 6 months...don't want to get too complicated too early on! Here are some gift ideas. And if you're still together after the holidays, you chose well!

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    Ladies BUY THIS for your new man...

    Sometimes men are hard to buy for but don't make it tough. They have a favorite sports team maybe? Get them some gear! A hat, hoodie, maybe even something for their vehicle. Guys will always use this kind of stuff.

    Guys always appreciate if you think of their cars or trucks also. Get them a gas card!

    The new man in your life love music? iTunes gift cards are great. Or maybe he's been wanting his favorite bands new CD...grab that!

    Make it simple yet thoughtful enough so they know you really thought of them when getting a gift.

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    Men BUY THIS for your new lady...

    You guys may think that us ladies are hard to buy for but we actually are really simple. Women love to shop, so what's better t o get us than a gift card to go shopping!? Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, Marshall's, Dillard's...any department store will pretty much work for us!

    Your girl love coffee and goodies? There are some very popular coffee shops you can get a gift card and warm your girls heart!

    Lastly, say your new girl has a hobby, maybe reading, music, or both! Again music download gift cards are awesome and if her hobby is reading, get her that book she's been wanting of a gift card to go choose one!


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