There's a new trend in Hollywood and fashion- the "Lumbersexual."

Wherever you go, especially in cities like Austin or Portland, you can see the rise of the Lumbersexuals. Men wearing flannel shirts, either long bushy beards or scruff all over their face, jeans and a great pair of black rimmed eyeglasses. These guys look like they would be just as comfortable in a Bass Pro Shop as an urban Starbucks. But let's be honest, they are most at home at a hole in the wall bar, drinking a craft beer you've never even heard of.

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Many people are calling the Lumbersexual, the cure to the metrosexual trend. Metrosexuals are known for their clean shaven, impeccably dressed look and often have no shame in their trips to beauty salons for their very own male "treat yo self" days.

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Personally, I'm a big fan of the Lumbersexuals. Any man that looks like he can my tire, take me on a hike and hide candy bars in his beard for the movies is a winner in my book. I love this new fashion trend and fully support all of my guy friends and potential suitors to stock up on the beard oil and grab those cozy flannels from Walmart's Duck Dynasty collection. Just go ahead and let it grow.

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