I’m fairly confident the newly branded Southwest University Park the El Paso Chihuahuas will soon play Triple A baseball in will eventually get a nickname. Sports fans just love assigning acronyms and nickname to everything. The Don Haskins Center, for example, is mostly called The Don, and The SAC is how the Student Activities Complex in the far east side is often referred to as.

So what nickname should we locals bestow on the new sports palace? We posed the question to listeners of Mike and Tricia Mornings, and while some suggested monikers with a local flavor like Chuco Field or Sun City Stadium, and a few proposed something along the lines of The Money Pit or The $60 Million Mistake – a testament to how controversial anything having to do with the team was and still is, most callers stayed with the dog theme of the team name.

Here are the best and/or most popular nicknames that resulted from the on-air brainstorming:

The Dog Pound
The Doghouse
The Bark Park
The Bone Yard
The Kennel

Southwest University paid a pretty penny for the naming rights, and I’m pretty sure they’d much prefer we call it by its official corporate name, but like it or not nicknaming will happen. Like I said before, sports fans love catchy nicknames that roll off the tongue. Feel free to add your voice in the comment section.