No more socks please!

Just say no to bath products- It's funny how advertisements will have the most random items featured this time of year, such as cheap tools, a BBQ set complete with matching caddy, #1 Dad mugs, and soap on a rope.

Gag gifts - You're probably trying to figure out just what Dad would like. After looking online or wandering around the mall for a while, a gag gift seems to be an easy way out. Just say no to the gag gift! It may be cute or funny, but after the obligatory laugh, what use will your Dad have for that talking beer can and those plaid golf socks? You probably wouldn't do that for Mother's Day, so skip the gag gift for Father's Day as well. Unless he's really into talking fish, that is.

A new tie - This idea has been around for as long as I can remember, and shows no sign of ever going away. A tie can be useful, but is one of the most boring gifts ever.