Students at Anamarc found out today via email that the school will not reopen.  So, what's next?


Anamarc owners, Ana and Marc Houde, said in the email, “With deep sadness and very regrettably, Anamarc College is closing its operations due to financial instability. Please do not return to school on July 14, 2014, after Summer break.”

Friday was the deadline for the Houdes to come up with a plan for students at the medical technical school, but the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which accredits schools like Anamarc, says Anamarc's plan is unfinished. Here is what Anamarc students need to know now:

1. The New Mexico Board of Nursing will allow 12 or so nursing students from the Santa Teresa Anamarc campus to finish their degrees.

2. Anamarc students in the nursing assistant, medical assistant, medical billing and coding and patient care technician programs can transfer to the Excel Learning Center in El Paso.

3. It appears that the nursing students from the Santa Theresa Anamarc campus are out in the cold in regards to their education options.

When confronted by various media outlets, the Houdes sat in their vehicles in the schools parking lot without answering questions. It was reported that Ana Houde took off in a Lexus SUV and Marc Houde left the parking lot in a GMC Tahoe.