What if Aliens from another planet landed on earth, wanting to get to know us earthlings...Worst yet, what if they logged on to Facebook to find out what we were like....This is what they would un-cover. They would discover that, we as a people, Hate Mondays, we are bored at work, we love to take pictures of our food, and love to tell our friends that we are on our way to Las Vegas..!! We also love Sunsets, our pets, and religious sayings.  The Aliens would also find out that we love music videos from obscure rock bands, we check in at movie theaters and restaurants, and love to show off our tattoos..!!  We also love to Zumba and do Pilates, share our Philosophy on Life, and call our ex-lovers whores and bastards..!! Earth people on Facebook also want us to have a great day, comment on the weather, and we all love to harvest crops and raise livestock on Farmville. No wonder Aliens visiting from other planets never stick around...!!!!