Does your man leave the toilet seat up or crunch ice? They might seem like harmless guy behavior, but they all have an underlying meaning.  Here are nine common bad habits and what a human behavior expert says it says about your man …

ALWAYS CALLING MOM - A man who can't decide anything without calling his mom hasn’t found his own independence or identity and might have a problem seeing you as his primary support system. Something you should be if you're in a relationship with him.

LEAVING HIS DISHES - Men who put their dirty plates in the sink and forget about them are thoughtless and not very considerate of you. Not exactly a trait you want in a mate.

LEAVING THE TOILET SEAT UP – When a man does this, it could be the sign of a guy who needs to win to show his dominance over you. The expert says the little things like a toilet seat can be the sign of a power struggle, especially if you have to nag him about it all the time.

NOT OPENING DOORS - Opening a door for you shows you're special, not spoiled. NOT opening a door shows he never learned the difference. this behavior can mean a man is not being thoughtful, but it can also mean he’s not a romantic

 PICKING HIS NOSE - Obviously a man who picks his nose isn't concerned about hygiene or even etiquette. He also doesn't care about how people think of YOU for hanging out with the gross nose picker guy.

 BITING HIS NAILS – nail biting is not a hygiene issue; it’s more about mental and emotional issues. nail biting is a sure sign he's a Nervous Nelly and doesn't deal well with stress.

 PROCRASTINATING - If you're guy is constantly putting things off, you have to wonder if he’ll be dependable in times of need. A procrastinator is typically not a goal-oriented person.

CRUNCHING ICE - Me strong, me crunch ice with teeth! Sometimes you gotta let a guy be a guy. It’s what the experts call macho-aggressiveness. Just ask him to do it with his mouth closed. Which brings us to.....

SLURPING FOOD - A man who is a loud eater is, at a subconscious level, trying to get you to notice him. He may or may not know he’s engaging in behavior that gets him negative attention but doesn’t really care anyway because he just wants attention.