Apparently, the number of roses you got for Valentine's Day weren’t just because it’s the thing to do; the sender was actually sending you a secret message. Who knew, huh? Teleflora did! They say the number of roses he gave you carries a meaning you probably never realized . . .

--One rose is meant for early in a relationship, and means love at first sight.
--Three roses represent a shared love, and is more of a one-month anniversary gift.
--Six roses symbolize passion and infatuation.
--Ten roses say he believes the love you share is perfect.
--Twelve roses mean "be mine."
--Thirteen roses mean he just want to be friends.
--Fifteen roses mean he’s sorry.
--Twenty-four roses is like SHOUTING "I'm yours."
--And forty roses mean his love for you is truly genuine. And that he has A LOT of money.