The violence in Juarez has kept most of us from crossing the border as often as we used to. Many of us -- like me -- don't ever go at all anymore, which is a real shame because our sister city had so much to offer. Recently, on Mike and Tricia Mornings, we asked you to tell us what you missed most about being able to come and go across the border as we once pleased.

Here’s a sample of how some of our Facebook posters completed the sentence, “What I miss most about being able to go to Juarez is …”

-MrsEspy Hope Thornton: "Going just to get away from El Paso, going to the mall, and out to the restuarants."

-Vanessa Gomez: "Going to Parque Borunda, eating hot dogs and going on the rides. It just sucks that I am unable to share [that] with my kids."

-Patricia Reese-Zuck: "Shopping the old Mercado! Real Mexican food, the people, the sounds, everything! I'm heartbroken we can't go there now."

-Christina F Ibarra: "[Just] being able to walk across the bridge safely on my way to dance the night away."

-Maria Hardy: "Pepinos with chile and limón. I know you can make you're own here, but not the same."

So what do YOU miss most about being able to go to Juarez?

Let me know in the "leave a comment" box below. To read the rest of the replies, go to both the KISS Facebook page and the Mike and Tricia Facebook wall.