I am a HUGE FAN of ALL that is ONE Dolla!  As i made my way through the various Dolllar Store's through out my life, they all have GREAT bargains, but then again some items, you may wanna second guess are listed.  You agree, disagree, or just wanna tell me to stuff my dollar, where the Sun Don't shine!

eddie gonzalez

Yes, they may look all the same on the outside, minus the color's, cheap oven mitts DON'T protect your hands from major heat nearly as well as Quality mitts.  To protect your fragile hands, stay away from Dollar quality!

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When it comes to something you put into your body for your health, you should NEVER go cheap.  Those discount vitamins aren't packed with as many nutrients as name-brand counterparts.

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So, you think your getting a good deal when you get your batteries at a discount price, but many of those are CHEAP quality.  They will not last as long, especially when you need them for flashlight or even worse the REMOTE!