Love a gruesome, weird, horror like stories? I have a few for you! Heard the one about smoking a dead persons finger?!

You heard me right! Out of Sanger, Texas, this story made my jaw drop! Some teenagers broke into a funeral home in hope of finding embalming fluid to dip cigarettes into to smoke. I'm assuming it gives some sort of high, well when they couldn't find any they thought it would be better to cut off the finger of a poor corpse and smoke it! Yes smoke it! And I left the best part out, one of the teens was the son of the local police chief! What is with these kids!?

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Another weird news story that caught my eye was out of Ogden, Utah. A guy dressed like a clown knocked on a strangers door asking for Kathy. When the stranger claimed he didn't know a Kathy, the clown grabbed a lamp and knocked the guy out by bashing it over his head. I hate clowns by the way.

There are some weird people out there and with Halloween around the corner, it's only going to get weirder! Stay safe out there! There is even a Facebook page dedicated to WEIRD NEWS...

Speaking of Halloween fun, check out the local CORN MAZES around town! SO much fun for the entire family!