The cold front blew in Wednesday as expected kicking up 60 m.p.h. winds and the inevitable dust storm. By mid-afternoon, the nice, sunny day had given way to so much dust in the air you could barley make out the Franklin Mountains.

This series of photos, taken over the course of a couple of hours and posted to Facebook by Cindy Sellers, illustrates how quickly the view changed. Keep an eye on the mountains in the background.

Facebook/Cindy Sellers
Facebook/Cindy Sellers
Facebook/Cindy Sellers

The dust got so bad you couldn't see downtown from Scenic Drive ...


This was the view from the top of the Coronado Tower in West El Paso ...


This photo, taken by Roger Cherie Curb from Beaumont Hospital and posted on Facebook, shows the moon struggling to shine through as dusk neared ...


The winds eventually settled down, replaced by light rain and snow flurries across parts of the Borderland. Yep, it was a crazy 48 hours of weather for El Paso!