In preparation of the Living Spirit Expo in El Paso on September 20 and 21st, Mike, Tricia, and Monika got their auras read it what we found out was fascinating!

First, here's how it works --

The aura readers bring their equipment and set up a camera and a magnetic palm device. The camera takes your photo and the palm device reads your energy.

Camera, energy reader


The computer then pairs for energy reading with your photo, resulting an a colorful, soon-to-be-explained image. As part of the report, participants get a 22-page explanation of everything from each of their chakras to which careers best fit your aura.  The aura readers explained what the colors means to each Mike, Tricia, and Monika. At first, we were skeptical, but as they started to explain each person, they were SPOT ON!

Mike got green-yellow. He's communicative (radio host!), logical (we agree!), balanced, and creative with heart. If you know Mike in person, that fits!

Monika was orange -- creative, productive (YES), adventurous, courageous, and relates to emotions (Very true). YEP! That's Monika.

Then, there's Tricia and things got weird. As it turns out, Tricia is pretty much an angel. Her aura colors came back as spiritual, transcendent, higher dimensions, and etheric. Meaning, Tricia is closer to a spiritual being than others. There was also a dark spot above her right shoulder that represented someone who has passed on that is with her. Crazy, right?

A dozen other people in our office got their auras read, too and they were also spot on. From the caring quiet ones, to the confident perfectionists. In almost every case, the aura readings were completely accurate and completely fun. If you'd like to have your aura read, you can do so at the Living Spirit Expo. Purchase tickets here.