Great Job El Paso!!!

We beat out Buffalo which now puts us ahead of the game!

So here’s how it pans out...

Next Round:

Knoxville vs. Cleveland – Whoever wins this will go up against us on on April 9th and 10th which means will have to vote or butts off again!!

The 2012 Social Media Symposium would be so perfect her in El Paso. Everybody always complains – “Nothing ever happens in El Paso!”

Well here we are in the midst of something Awesome! Let’s do this!

The convention, which is scheduled to be held Nov. 7-9, is expected to be attended by hundreds of social media professionals from tourism-related organizations. Think about how positive this would be in terms of exposure and for the city across the board!

Friends let’s get our social feelers out this coming Monday and pound away the votes to be Victorious yet again!

For more information GO HERE!