Fifty Shades of Grey – perhaps, the adult Harry Potter? Although there is certainly a lot of fantasy attached to the trilogy, Fifty Shades is more like the book-to-screen franchise when it comes to hype. The anticipation for the screen adaptation of the erotica-filled fiction piece written by E. L. James is huge and comparable to that of the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. Before being adapted into a film, the series was translated into 51 different languages and published worldwide. When it was announced that the book would soon be on the big screen, fans took to social media with their ideas of who should be cast –including a petition with over 90,000 signatures.

After a teaser for the trailer, featuring a sensual Beyoncé soundtrack, was brilliantly marketed on the star’s Instagram account earlier this week, there was no doubt that today’s debut would receive a sizable amount of attention. Combine fans of Fifty Shades of Grey with fans of Beyoncé and you virtually have the entire world excited for this film. People have long been craving just a taste.

Now, with the unveiling of the official trailer on YouTube, women (and men) all over the world are gearing up for the Valentine’s Day 2015 premiere. You can watch the almost three-minute snippet above. It’s certainly going to be a long six months.