A professional surfer’s terrifying near miss with a shark was not only captured on video, it was broadcast live.

Three-time world champion pro surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by what is believed to have been a Great White during a tournament in South Africa on Sunday. The television camera just happened to be focused on him as he sat on his board waiting for a wave, when out of nowhere a shark's fin can be seen coming out of the water heading straight at Fanning, who had his back turned at the time.

For a brief moment, Fanning was pulled under before TV cameras show him swimming away towards the arriving help. He said later in an interview that the shark got caught on the rope that was attached to his board allowing him the opportunity to punch it in the back and scare it off. The shark did not bite him.

After discussions with officials, Fanning and the other finalist agreed to split the prize money and the event was cancelled amid safety concerns.