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City Reps. Cortney Niland and Lily Limón were at it again. This time resorting to petty accusations and name-calling during Tuesday's council meeting.

The drama, which can viewed in the video above provided by ABC7, started after Niland claimed Limón was videotaping or recording her with her phone, which Niland stated made her "very uncomfortable." Limón denied the charge before adding Niland was "suffering again from a childish tantrum."

Before the squabble could devolve to I'm-not-touching-you levels, Mayor Pro Tem Michiel Noe interrupted, telling Limon to "be civil" and "act like a grown up" and advising Niland to "try your best to ignore it." But before Noe could finish his sentence, Limón jumped in with "to not be a bully and not to be a crybaby."

Wow. I know spanking is frowned upon this day and age, but maybe a pau-pau is what these two need. If they're going to act like children perhaps we should treat them like children.