Downtown El Paso was a pretty wild place to be back in the late 1880s. There were brothels and bars, very little law enforcement, and a lot of shady characters running around taking advantage of the lawlessness of the region.

This week marks the 135th anniversary of one of the most notorious things that ever happened in that crazy period of time in our city. It's a gunfight called '4 Dead in 5 Seconds,' and you can see the gunfight recreated on the spot where it happened. El Paso Marshall, Dallas Stroudenmire, was only days on the job when shots rang out and in five seconds, four men lay dead. You'll hear what led up to the famous gun battle, and what happened to Stoudenmire after the smoke cleared.

The El Paso historical society known as Six Guns and Shady Ladies will only restage the scene, they will be able to answer questions and pose for pictures during the event. The event is free to the public, and is something everyone who loves El Paso history should see.

WHAT: 4 Dead in 5 Seconds Gunfight recreation
WHEN: Thursday, April 14th, 6:45 p.m.
WHERE: At the corner of El Paso and San Antonio Streets, downtown

For more information, call (915)581-7920.