See video footage of radio station in Worcester, MA get quickly flooded when a pipe bursts out of nowhere.

Lance Ballance, the operations manager at WWFX, could have been electrocuted when taking video of the water that gushed into their studios on Friday morning.

He was quoted in the local newspaper saying, ‘We looked out the studio door, and saw the water rushing down the stairwell. We first thought that our roof had collapsed due to the weight of the snow. We immediately began to evacuate the studios, as I ran upstairs to my office and our engineering area, as that seemed to be where the water was coming from...and saw even more water rushing in, as a 6 inch water main had broken in the stairwell.’

Firefighters and police where on the scene soon after to try and contain the situation and by 3 p.m. that afternoon, the radio stations in that building were back on air.