It's Tuesday evening and your husband comes home and tells you that he invited some of his buddies over for dinner. HOLY MOLY! While you scramble to throw something together you're going to need an appetizer to hold these hungry dudes over. Here is a quick and easy salsa recipe that you can assemble easily with items you already have in your pantry or refrigerator. The specific quantity of each of these ingredients is at your discretion or how much you have in your possession.


- Jalapenos

-Green Onions

-Cherry Tomatoes


-Fresh Lime juice

- One small can of tomato paste


Note: you may also add mangos to add some pizzazz or garlic powder to add flavor

I managed to snag this yummy recipe  from my boyfriend's mother, Mrs. Medina and her instructions are as follows.

Dice up the jalapenos, green onions, tomatoes, cilantro and mix into a bowl. Mrs. Medina shared a tip with me, if you like your salsa spicy make sure your jalapenos have veins. You can find these little guys on the bottom of the pepper and the bigger the better. You then want  to squeeze two limes into the bowl and add a small can of tomato paste and some salt. Mix together and ENJOY!