So the Apocalypse didn't happen a couple of weeks ago, but supposably it is supposed to happen on October 21st.  Could an apparition of the Virgin Mary on the east side be a warning sign that it really is going to go down later this year? 

The Guillen family says they first saw Our Lady on their rockwall last Saturday during a family birthday party, and she's been showing up ever since.  When I checked out the story on, I have to admit, I was pretty surprised at how clearly visible she is.  And the look on the faces of the family are priceless - true faith and devotion is a beautiful thing. 

Now, I'm sure there will be naysayers out there who will try to discount the apparition and figure out some way to explain it away, but why?  Is it hurting anyone to believe that the Virgin has shown up on a rockwall in the EP?  If you don't believe, then don't believe.  But don't try to 'splain it by telling us it's a reflection or a waterspot.  We don't care if you believe - we do! 

Ok, ok, I know you're just DYING to explain the image away, so go ahead, what's causing the image?!