El Paso Vietnam Veterans and their families are invited to upload photos of their service in Vietnam and/or current photos to the DIGIE/Digital Wall.

The photos will be displayed as part of the historic “Welcome Home El Paso Vietnam Veterans Events” that are scheduled for August 2016. The main event will be on August 28th with a downtown parade followed by a reception, dinner, concert and dance at the El Paso County Coliseum along with other events during the entire month of August 2016, primarily in downtown El Paso.

The Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Events are a Celebration to welcome home El Paso’s Vietnam veterans in August 2016. El Paso has never officially welcomed home its Vietnam Veterans and this event will pay tribute, offer gratitude and respect to support, honor, and thank our Vietnam Veterans and their families for their services. WHEPVV has partnered with the Department of Defense, the Vietnam Veteran Celebration Project, to honor the men and women who served during that era.

  • DIGIE/Digital Wall Upload of Vietnam Veteran Photos and Memorabilia
  • Monday, July 11, 2016
  • The 3-D Digital Wall Pavilion at 501 N. Santa Fe
  • For more information please call 915-212-0003