JUSTICE!! Bully Gets KNOCKED OUT . . . For ATTACKING A BLIND KID. . . A Good Samaritan Came By . . . . And SUCKER PUNCHES HIM!!! (Bet He Won't . . . Do THAT Again)

Posted by Mediatakeout on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The word 'hero' is slung around a lot, and most of the time, the people being called a hero don't deserve it. But a high school student who came to the rescue of a visually-impaired student who was being bullied, really lived up the word.

For some reason, kids who witnessed the attack chose to pull out their phones and record the incident rather than help, but from out of nowhere, our hero appears, and knocks out the bully with one punch. The bully is facing charges, but the guy who punched him is not. The student who was being bullied is okay.