Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away, and women everywhere are waiting the arrival of a "perfect" Valentine's Day. The perfect flowers, the perfect box of candy (in case you're wondering, that would be a handpicked box of Godivas. . just a helpful hint), and the perfect gift (which, by the way, is a box that holds something overpriced, shiny, and from an establishment whose name ends with 'Jewelers' and not 'Secret'. . again, just trying to help you guys out). We're expecting perfection, gentlemen. Are you ready to deliver?

istock/George Doyle

At this point, you should feel as though a cigarette has just been shoved into your mouth and a white strip of cloth tied 'round your eyes. You do? Perfect!

I'm just joking.

Perfection doesn't exist. If it did, would your 401(k) be thousands of dollars light right now? Of course not. So, where did this concept of perfection come from and why are we always pursuing it?

The "perfect" anything, for me, should always have a grain of imperfection. A little salt to balance all that sugar, if you will. The perfect slice of chocolate cake should always be just that tiny bit too small to keep you coming back for more. The perfect haircut should have just a strand or two askew so as to keep from looking too Stepford Wifey.
But isn't a relationship supposed to be perfect, you say? Pick up any women's magazine and they'll tell you yes. How to Find the Perfect Man. How to Keep the Perfect Man. How to be Perfect in Bed so You CAN Keep the Perfect Man You Finally Found. It's endless. And unrealistic.

I don't know about you, but I'm not perfect. Hard to believe, I know, but true. I'm a minor slob, major loudmouth, and unrepentant pillow hog. Darren has his minor, major, and unrepentant sides as well. When those sides clash, there is usually an argument, or at least a decent bout of strained voices, and then we get to do what every couple should do after an argument. We make up.

I love making up. That moment when you realize that the person who leaves the toothpaste off the cap is also the person whose touch is the only touch you want to feel for the rest of your life, is the closest thing to perfect a human can achieve.

The "perfect" relationship isn't about finding the person with whom you are in complete agreement about everything. It's about finding a person who - don't roll your eyes - completes you. The problem is, what completed you yesterday is totally different than what will complete you today. It's like owning a house. The "perfect" house is a fixer upper at a steal of a deal that you can mold to your taste. You get to fill in the cracks and make the whole structure stronger and more pleasing to you. You get to make it perfect.

But before you know it, something needs to be replaced or updated and it's off to Home Depot. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all you need to change your home from something you take for granted to something that you stand back with pride from and show off. So maybe instead of a "perfect" Valentine's Day, we should be shooting for a little updating to make our relationship happier.

But something overpriced and shiny couldn't hurt, either!