After 16 years, UTEP will be hosting the first Baja Society of Automotive Engineering competition of 2014! They have hosted other SAE events but now UTEP gets to be wild and crazy with off-road vehicles.

Engineering students will be challenged to plan, design and manufacture a off-road vehicle that can handle a rugged environment and intense obstacles, while managing the considering the appearance and cost.

For the first time in UTEP's participation in this program, they have two teams competing. One team consists of experiences students and the other is first time participants.

During this four-day event, their vehicles will be tested on brakes, top speed, vehicle acceleration, and performance on climbing over rocks and maneuvers. A four hour race will happen on the last day of the event, to see what vehicles have great endurance and attempts to take out 60 percent of the competitors.

If these College of Engineering students can create a top off-road vehicle, they could possibly be recruited by events judges and sponsors such as Honda and General Motors. I am really rooting for my friend Randy to make an amazing vehicle because I am hoping to ride in that thing through UTEP!

Anyone interested to see these vehicles can head out to UTEP's Student Recreation Center on April 26th and 27th. The event will take place behind the center and is FREE and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check out this short video on what these intense event is about! I wish we can use these throughout UTEP because construction has caused chaos around campus!