I talked about the 3D printer revolution before on this site. This new technology is about to revolutionize many industries like manufacturing. Soon, a 3D printer in your home, office, or near by FedEx Kinkos will "print" parts to assemble your very own automobile. Almost everything made from plastic will be "printable" on a 3D printer. As crazy as this sounds, 3D printers will also one day print human tissue and UTEP is leading the way.

PH. D. Thomas Boland, director of Biomedical Engineering at UTEP, is developing technology capable of printing live human tissue. The idea is to use your current fat cells, place them in a 3D printer and have the printer "reshape" your fat cells in a new shape (i.e. breast). The work being done at UTEP is so impressive that CNN ran a story on it. See it HERE!