Last week a bomb threat forced the evacuation of the UTEP campus.

On Monday, UTEP police say two people thought it would be a great idea to play April Fool's Day jokes about emergency campus situations.  Under Texas law, that could land them in a State prison for 2 years.

Happy April Fools Day!

UTEP police say about 1 o’clock Monday afternoon 19 year old Elias Farran allegedly sent a text message made to look like a Miner Alert about a campus emergency to another student's cellphone.

The student who got the message showed it to a teaching assistant, who thought the alert was real and notified police.

Police figure out the text was a prank and arrested Farran when he was found at the Fox Fine Arts complex and allegedly "admitted that it was an April Fool's joke."

That wasn’t the only phony alert Monday at UTEP.

In a separate case, an unidentified person called 911 and claimed there was a bomb at UTEP and for authorities to "find it."

UTEP police said "a review of information given did not merit further action,” but the case remains open.

If you are caught making a false alarm that interrupts a public service, that is a felony under Texas law and you could wind up sitting in a state jail for 2 years.

Mike thinks the friend who reported the text message should have realized that it was from a friend and not freaked out.  I think with the instances of campus violence around the country, sending a "joke" text like that should warrant at least an expulsion from the school for at least a couple of semesters.

What do you think?