UTEP students will be paying more for their education. The UT System Board of Regents said yes to the hike in tuition and fees for the next two school years.

In-state UTEP undergraduate students taking 15 credit hours will see a $163 hike per semester beginning next school year. Then they’ll have to shell out another $170 more the following year.
Resident graduate students will have to come up with $121 more next year and then $126 more the following year.

Out-of-state students will have it even tougher. They will pay $430 more in 2016 and $450 more for 2017.

If you are a non-resident graduate student, expect to pay about $282 in 2016 and $295 more in 2017.
UTEP says they need the increases to cover budget shortfalls, recruit and retain faculty, expand student services and improve technology.

Back in 2014, UTEP asked the Board of Regents for a tuition increase, but it was rejected at that time.