Transmountain is NOW OPEN!

As of 3:00pm, Transmountain Road Is now OPEN. It was shut down due to a landslide.

In Las Cruces, 273SB from Buena Vista to exit at mile marker 0 to 3.8 miles West of County Club exit at mile marker 6. The right lane is close due to flooding.

Oharra Rd closed at intersection of NM 478 and NM 460 due to flooding.

All other traffic is flowing but please stay out of standing water. Especially children playing in the puddles. You never know how deep they are of if there is potential for a sinkhole.

EP Fire Department tweeted about the dangers of keeping children out of standing water. Also with this rain we have more mosquitoes. Stay in to avoid any bites and chances of sickness.

This photo was submitted by a listener: